Volume 3

Volume 3

Volume III Issue 1, 2019

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1 Employee Involvement And Green Organizational Performance
  Sanober Tariq , Dr. Muhammad Farooq Jan , Dr. Wisal Ahmed, Dr. Muhammad Faheem Jan
2 The Effects Of Organizational Justice On Employee Performance In The Healthcare Sector Of Pakistan: A Smart Pls-Based Study
  Muhammad Tahir, Raza Ahmed Khan , Zakir Rahim
3 Health Care Consultants “Gynecologists” Prescriptions Preferances For Multi-National And National Brands In Pharma Industries; A Case Study Of Peshawar, KP
  Shafaat Ullah , Dr. Syed Asim Shah , Faiza Gohar
4 The Influence Of Organizational Justice On Employee Organizational Commitment In The Information Technology Sector, Pakistan
  Muhammad Tahir , Raza Ahmed Khan , Zakir Rahim  

Volume III Issue 2, 2019

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1 The Impact of Leadership Style on Bank Manager’s Performance through Moderating Role of Motivation
  Zaighum Abbas,Hassan Riaz,Muhammad Idrees Bhutta, Raza Ahmed Khan  
2 Organization Justice and Its Impact on Organization Commitment through Perceived organizational support
  Mr. Waqar Hussain , Zeeshan Ibrahim, Sana Malaika Noor  
3 Impact of Various Advertising Appeals on Consumer’s Purchase Intention
  Saqib Ur Rehman, Adil Adnan, Mr. Raza Ahmed Khan, Dr. Muhammad Faheem jan  
4 Mediating role of Moral Attentiveness in the relationship between Whistle Blowing Intentions and Ethical Leadership
  Dr. Muhammad Faheem Jan, Zohaib Ali, Dr Wisal Ahmed