B-Tech Electrical Engineering

Program Detail

B-Tech Electrical Engineering


The department of technology will emerge steadily by providing highly competent, comprehensively trained, socially responsible, innovative electrical technologist of highest quality for proficient career in industry, academia as well as research to contribute in nation building and world at large.


The mission of department is to provide students with a supportive environment that facilitates learning to develop concrete solution for complex engineering problem with their productive outcomes. Our graduates will have technical competence, solid analytical skills, critical thinking by providing excellence both theoretically and practically in advance technological and socio-economic environment. The faculty is fully equipped and trained with all trends and dynamics of outcomes base education to compete the international standards.

Program Education Outcomes

Developing competent technologist having core knowledge of engineering and formulating Technical solution to complex industrial problem based on their design principle extending to experimental interpretation in deriving solid conclusion to meet international standards.
[PLO 1,2,3,4]

Applied modern engineering technique to developed appropriate solution to industrial and technical problem with their application in social, health and environmental sustainability.
[PLO 5,6,7].

Applying Effective communication skills with prominent team leadership capability to resolve the industrial problems impacting the society positively by meeting the standards and all professional norms. [PLO 8,9,10]

Demonstrate proficient and interpersonal skills in managing industrial, productional and constructional challenges in ever changing technological and innovative multidisciplinary environment. [PLO 11,12]


Our distinctive four-year program leads to Bachelors of Electrical Engineering Technology. The program combines training in technological fundamentals and applications.

Eligibility Criteria 

45% marks in F.Sc (Pre-Engg.) / Equivalent Qualification in DAE 

Key Facts:

Degree Title

B-Tech Electrical Engineering

Degree Duration

Four (4) years, or Eight (8) semester

Credit Hours

134 credit hours


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Scheme of Studies