BS Software Engineering

BS Software Engineering


The objective of this program is to prepare students for professional careers and graduate studies with a balance between computing theory and practical application of software engineering concepts, methodologies, tools and technologies in the modern software development environments.

Graduates of such programs will be able to function as proficient software developers and effective team members. They will have grounding in communication, mathematics and science, and the cultural, historical, and social issues that influence and effect or relate to the development of high quality software systems. They will have knowledge of and experience with software product engineering and engineering management and an understanding of professional issues and practices.

Eligibility criteria

The applicant should have Intermediate (Pre-Engineering)/ Intermediate (CS)/ Intermediate (Pre Medical). For Pre Medical applicants, students should be taught deficiency courses of Mathematics of 6 credit hours within one year of their regular studies (the deficiency courses should cover most of the relevant topics to bachelor degree in computing education from intermediate level mathematics). For FA applicants, students should have studied some relevant subjects such as Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics etc or equivalent qualifications earned from a recognized board/university/institution (overall 12 years of education) with at least 50% marks.


Key Facts:

Degree Title

BS – Software Engineering

Degree Duration

Four (4) years, or Eight (8) semester

Credit Hours

133 credit hours

Scheme of Studies: