BTD – Textile Designing

BTD – Textile Designing


The Program emphasizes on the divers aspects of the fiber material used in fashion, furnishing and interior designing; combines textile craft traditions in print and weave and encourage students build on the spirit and skills of traditional textile culture; create new forms of visual expression.

We offer a balanced curriculum which includes a comprehensive series of course on the history and survey of textile; concentrates on textile printing and weaving and a number of supporting courses like, surface embellishment, lace, embroidery, carpet design which facilities student which an informed prospective, building self – alliance, encourage experimentation and promoting enthusiasm for the expending field of Textile Design.


To be enrolled in bachelor or Diploma Program at Art & Design Department, 45% in HSSC or equivalent is required.


Degree Title:
Bachelor in Textile Design

Minimum Duration:
4 years, 8 Semester

Credit Hours:
136 credit hours

Scheme of Studies