BID – Interior Designing

BID – Interior Designing


The program aims to prepare students for an innovative career in interior planning and design by developing ability to communicate design ideas for environments that are functional, holistically developed and aesthetically pleasing.

Our curriculum balances creative problem solving with practical skills and research that provides quality education and experience. Interior Design classes are enable students to master the design process and presentation skills; integrate diverse cultural needs; connect current trends with historical pattern; manage issues of taste and perception.

The first two years of the program introduce fundamental course including drafting, perspective drawing, color studies, model building etc. Senior courses focused on studio experiences, computer aided design and interior systems.

By the completion of the program students will develop their own sense of styles, creativity and visual presentation skills and become accountable for accessible, sustainable and elegant decisions that are essential for career in interior design.


To be enrolled in bachelor or Diploma Program at Art & Design Department, 45% in HSSC or equivalent is required.


Degree Title:
Bachelor in Interior Design

Minimum Duration:
4 years, 8 Semester

Credit Hours:
136 credit hours

Scheme of Studies