BS Microbiology

BS Microbiology

Course Overview:

As the globe becomes more industrialized, the quality of the environment becomes a great concern. The inhabitants of Earth are mostly microbes, and their activities are central to human welfare. Microbes can cause disease, but a properly functioning microbiome is essential for health. Microbes spoil food, but drive many forms of food production. Microbes medicate organismic decay, but catalyze numerous geochemical processes essential for life on Earth. Microbiology is a broad discipline which has both and applied aspects. Therefore, microbiologists must have good understanding about microbial taxonomy, genetics, immunology and physiology in order to identify these agents, utilize their metabolic potential on commercial levels and to manipulate these organisms for the betterment of humanity.

Because of the importance of the subject and its applicability, the Department of Microbiology at lqra National University, Peshawar is a great place to learn about how to make an impact in this crucial area and is dedicated to providing the quality education, through teaching and research, necessary to meet the needs of this growing field. Our faculty members aggressively pursue research in many areas of the science: microbial biotechnology; immunology; virology; microbial ecology; industrial microbiology; environmental microbiology; medical microbiology; microbial genetics; and others.

INU Department of Biological Sciences provides state off the art laboratory facilities for the students of BS-Microbiology program in order to train them in context of the needs of hour. For this purpose, a well¬ furnished lab has been constructed which provides following facilities to the students.

Eligibility Criteria:

The applicant should have FSc. Pre medical or equivalent qualifications earned from a recognized board/institution with at least 50% marks

Scheme of Study: